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Say Hello to Fingbox!

on Thursday, 14 June 2012. Posted in News

Your networks, anywhere.

Overlook New Website

Today we publish a brand new way of handle your networks. Leveraging your mobile Apps for Android and iOS, the Fing applications for Windows, OSX and Linux and a brand-new Web interface, OverlookSoft is proud to announce "Fingbox". 

Our new website is out!

on Thursday, 08 March 2012. Posted in News

We're stepping up our game!

Overlook New Website

We first launched the Overlook website more than a couple years ago. In Internet time, that's ages! We though it was time to refresh things up and to give the deserved attention to our latest versions of Fing for Mobile.

As you can see a lot of things have changed: design, navigation, downloads, documentation. We tried to keep the core elements, as a basic rule of design we intend to put into Fing as well. Of course all the past documentation is still available.