Fing Service Scan

Fing, the ultimate network toolkit

Get in seconds a complete picture of the network you are in, including IP and MAC addresses, device vendors and ISP location.
Born from the experience of the famous Look@LAN, Fing relies on a fast, network engine. Currently available as a Mobile App (Android and iOS) and Desktop command-line tool (Windows, OS X, Linux), Fing is free of charge and Ads. We intend to support more platforms in the future, including a long-awaited Desktop GUI.

What does "Fing" mean? Originally, we thought that it would replace all your tools to Find and Ping devices, so we made up the term "To Fing", meaning both finding a device and verifying what's on it. We grew fond of the name* and now we hope you'd adopt it too.

* Thanks to some of our friends and followers, we now know that Fing has a different meaning in Hungarian.


Discover all devices around you

Most modern devices today are connected through a common network. At home we have smartphones, tablets, game consoles and even domestic appliances connected together. At the office we surely have our desktop PCs, servers, printers set up in a way that they can communicate and share data.

Fing's Smart Discovery automatically detects the type of network and uses the most appropriate technique to find about your devices. All devices are identified, with network addresses, name and manufacturer. You may customize them with your own labels, and have a complete picture in no time.

The best results are achieved on Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, where Fing can benefit of a special discovery engine with an impressive sharpness and speed: no matter what firewall or blocker you installed on a machine, Fing is going to identify all network elements in few seconds!

Results can be shared via email and in many standard formats, for an easy integration with third-party applications.

Fing Network Discovery

Scan for open services

When a device is detected in the network, a deeper analysis can be performed on the services it provides through standard and custom ports.

Fing knows how to recognise thousands of services, including the most common ones like Web Service (HTTP), File Transfer Service (FTP) and Domain Name Service (DNS). With a service scan, all active TCP services running on a target host or an entire network are detected. You may also define your own service through a simple configuration step.

As for the network discovery, Fing's Smart Discovery automatically detects the network type and uses the most appropriate technique to audit active services on any host, in just a few seconds. On Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, the fastest TCP techniques can be leveraged for maximum performances.

A complete list of found services may be shared in multiple standard formats.


All the tools you need

Analyse the presence, latency and delays of your devices to fine-tune your network. Use Fing to resolve any connection issue, wherever you are. A single, well-organized set of tools will make the difference and will simplify your daily activities, no matter if you are an IT Professional or a Family Admin.

  • Ping - measure the round-trip time for packets sent by Fing to a destination host.
  • Traceroute - identify the hops, i.e. hosts crossed to reach the destination.
  • Domain Lookup - translate a domain name like into IP address, and vice versa.
  • Wake On LAN - wake up devices that may be switched on from the network.

100% clean


CNET, Softpedia and many more have certified that Fing is 100% Clean. Fing does not collect nor sends any detail about your environment, your accounts or your network to anybody. And that's guaranteed!

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